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SF90 Stradale Spider: Ferrari's first hybrid convertible car

SF90 Stradale Spider: Ferrari's first hybrid convertible car

The prancing horse brand will make use of a folding hardtop for this model.
SF90 Stradale Spider

Ferrari removed the veil (and the roof) from the SF90 Stradale during a private digital event, now becoming the SF90 Spider. This is the brand's first folding hardtop plug-in hybrid and, according to Ferrari, it does not lose a bit of the characteristic that makes the SF90 so special, but of course, with the extra excitement and pleasure of open-air driving.

SF90 Stradale Spider View Roof up

Retractable Hard Top (RHT)

The ceilings folding hard are not new in the automotive industry. What is new is how each brand develops them according to their cars' design and engineering. Unlike other manufacturers, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari explains that they have wanted to go back to betting on the RHT because it has better acoustic insulation, greater safety, and no deform when you go at high speeds.

This roof is compact and lightweight. It unfolds in 14 seconds and uses only 100 liters of space, versus similar systems that use 150 to 200 liters of space, the same that is very difficult to find in a sports two-seater. As it is built-in aluminum, it weighs 40 kilos less than a similar system, and for the same reason, Ferrari had the luxury of mounting an electric glass window at the back. Anyway, add 100 extra kilos to the weight of an SF90.

Like the SF90 Stradale , the SF90 Spider can also be ordered with the Assetto Fiorano package, a sportier kit that includes Multimatic suspension taken from Ferrari's GT program , carbon fiber, and titanium parts for an extra 21 lowering. kilos, a carbon fiber spoiler, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires and an optional two-tone paint.

the SF90 Spider interior

Modifications and details

Like all convertibles, there are always concessions, however minimal they may be, and Ferrari took the case accordingly.
  • Ferrari knew from the beginning that the SF90 Stradale was going to have a convertible version, so the car's aerodynamic design was conceived from the beginning with that in mind, so there is no turbulence and no cooling defects.
  • Since critical car components work at very high temperatures, the roof, when put away, doesn't help much airflow. To avoid problems (fires), Ferrari opened an air intake with two transverse extractors on the glass that shows the engine to help evacuate the heat.
  • The most important aerodynamic element of the SF90 Stradale is an active Gurney-like spoiler. To maintain the same aerodynamic performance, the team had to work on the volume and roof surfaces to maintain the same flow to the tail.
  • The rear downforce is balanced by a pair of vortex generators located low on the chassis. As the front is 15 mm higher, more air enters, and this allows more load to be generated. Ferrari says that the SF90 Spider is the Ferrari with the most downforce.
  • There are a couple of elements in the cabin that have no impact on the downforce but that help as deflectors to divert the air over the heads for more comfortable handling.
  • Ferrari declares that the cabin has been installed a little further forward and that due to the roof, the height has been reduced by 20 mm. The windshield is slightly steeper, and the A-pillars are thinner.
the SF90 Spider Spec

And the rest?

It is just like the SF90 Stradale, but remember, it is a hybrid supercar with almost 1000 Hp thanks to a V8 Biturbo engine and three electric motors. It reaches 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds and a final speed of 340 km / h.

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